Hi, I'm Tiago Rezende.

I'm a self-taught computer programmer, specialized in high-performance graphics and interactivity programming, GPU shader programming and heterogenous massively-parallel architectures, having worked in numerous academic, public- and private-sector projects.

I graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design (major in Graphic Design) in 2009, at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I have extensive experience with computer programming languages and environments. I contribute regularly to open-source projects and maintain a number of libraries related to graphics and interactive installations.

As interests go, I see myself really enthusiastic about interactive art, procedural generation, music, electronics hacking, artificial intelligence, philosophy of computing, philosophy and politics of learning and teaching, nature, sports, cooking and curiosity in general.

I currently live in Berlin, Germany, and work as a Senior Software Development Consultant at Unity Technologies, having previously worked at places like Ubisoft Berlin, YAGER, Crytek, Superuber, ANCINE, Café and GRVa/LAMCE/COPPE/UFRJ. I've been to places and I've seen things. Mostly good things, though.

You can reach me at a number of platforms:


esquema, n.
scheme, schema, plan, project, programme, strategy, statagem, enterprise, venture, measure, move, draft, design.
(I actually chose this name because poe.ma had already been taken by a friend and that sounded like such a great idea for a domain name)